These books are so precious to me personally and I would like others to have opportunity to read these materials and so I want to make an offline android apps for these books voluntarily.... Internet connection is expensive in most part of the world and so not many people can read these books online. Would you like to partner with me? It is time consuming and costly to run a project like this. Basically, internet connection is needed to build this project...


What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?

 A Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy Compilation
with comments by
Margaret Davis

Of Course You Can Walk on Water

 by Thomas Davis

Our God of Love, Mercy, and Justice

by Margaret Davis

Was Jesus Really Like Us

A Challenge to re-evaluate your Christianity by Thomas Davis

How to Be a Victorious Christian

by Thomas Davis

Plus I would like to include the "What Must I Do" unabridged 1987 version of this book which is no longer in print. A 1424 pages long and it is time consuming because it is not doc. files. It is pdf files therefore need to convert one at a time before we can put code

offline android app is needed for these precious books...

Offline Android apps is important because there are many places (churches) in the world that has no  internet to internet.  And so pastors, missionaries, lay Bible workers and church members  need an app that works offline. And so this  Android version project is designed to function even without internet or offline.... And by God's grace I can do that but I need your partnership. Please e-mail Mrs. Margaret Davis at  or or me at or you may message me below.